MS ACCESS 2010 (2 Months)


Databases created with Access can also be viewed and edited online by uploading them to SharePoint and this course will take you step-by-step through this process. Microsoft implements some safety precautions when you work with online files, and this course will show you how to activate your content after you download it. This course will be of great interest to all business, finance and IT professionals who create and work with databases. You will see how creating a database makes handling data much easier and you will be able to maximise the functionality of the data and reduce data redundancy.

  Understanding Databases

• Starting and Opening an Existing Database

• Moving Around in Access

• Understanding Datasheet View & Design View

• Using the Mouse Pointer to Navigate

• Using the Keyboard to Navigate

  Creating Tables

• Creating a Database

• Creating a Table Using the Wizard

• Creating and Modifying a Table

• Adding Fields to Tables

• Adding and Editing Records

• Printing Tables

• Moving and Deleting Fields

• Deleting Records

  Working with Tables

• Formatting a Table

• Modifying Field Properties

• Sorting Records in a Table

• Finding Records in a Table

• Using Filters with a Table

• Establishing Relationships between Tables

• Creating Subdatasheets

• Importing Records From an External Source

  Creating and Using Queries

• Creating and Running a Query

• Specifying Criteria in a Query

• Using Comparison Operators

• Creating a Calculated Field

• Creating a Multiple-Table Query

• Printing a Query

  Designing a Form

• Creating a Form Using AutoForm

• Creating a Form Using the Form Wizard

• Adding Controls to a Form

• Modifying Control Properties

• Resizing and Moving Controls

• Entering Records into a Form

• Creating Calculated Controls

  Designing a Report

• Creating a Report Using AutoReport

• Creating a Report Using Report Wizard

• Adding a Control to a Report

• Formatting a Report

• Resizing and Moving Controls

• Creating Calculated Controls

• Previewing and Printing


No pre-requisite qualifications are required by candidates to undergo this course. An elementary knowledge of English is, however, expected of the candidates (Minimun 10th Pass).


The total duration of the course is 80 hours, consisting of:

• Theory 25 hours

• Tutorials 5 hours

• Practicals 50 hours

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