It is envisioned to bring the most updated global industry relevant computer education, within the reach of more and more in the areas of Information, Electronics and Communication Technology (IECT). Right from a familiarization certificate Course on Computer Concepts (CCC) to the foundation (O) level, Advanced Diploma (A) level, MCA Degree equivalent (B) level and M.Tech Degree (C) level.

  Introduction to Computers

• Introduction, What is Computer

• Components of Computer System

• Concept of Hardware and Software

• Classification of Computers

• Representation of Data / Information

• Concept of Data Processing

• Model Question & Answers

  Introduction to Windows

• Introduction

• What is Computer?

• Operating System and Basics of Windows

• The User Interface

• Windows Setting

• Advance Windows

• Model Questions & Answers

  Elements of MS-WORD Processing

• Introduction, Objectives

• Word processing basics

• Opening and closing documents

• Text creation and manipulation

• Formatting the text, Table manipulation

• Model Questions & Answer

  Introduction to MS-Excel / Spread Sheets

• Introduction

• Elements of Electronic Spread Sheet

• Manipulation of cells

• Opening and closing documents

• Functions and Charts

• Model Questions and Answers

  Computer Communication and Internet.

• Introduction

• Basics of Computer Networks

• Internet

• Services on the Internet

• Preparing Computer for Internet Access

• Summary, Model Question & Answers

  WWW and Web Browser

• Introduction

• Web Browsing Software

• Configuring Internet Explorer

• Surfing The Web

• Summary

• Model Answers

  Communication & Collaboration

• Basic Of Email

• Using Email

• Advance Email Features

• Instant messaging and Collaboration

  Introduction to Power Point / Presentation

• Introduction, Objectives

• Creating an Presentation, Preparing Slides

• Providing Aesthetics

• Presentation of Slides, Slide Show


No pre-requisite qualifications are required by candidates to undergo this course. An elementary knowledge of English is, however, expected of the candidates (Minimun 8th Pass).


The total duration of the course is 80 hours, consisting of:

• Theory 25 hours

• Tutorials 5 hours

• Practicals 50 hours

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