About Aptech Computer Education

Aptech Computer Education Etawah Centre is founded in 1st July 1999 with the mission of providing best quality Computer education to all class of people in a very reasonable fee structure. Thousands of students have already trained professionally and made their successful career in the past years. Over the past few years the growth of the computer industry has been quite remarkable and today it is the fastest growing industry, not just the students or housewives, even experienced professional are helped greatly by upgrading themselves in Aptech Computer Education Etawah Centre. Our organization not only provides the platform to build up the bright professional career in computer field but also provides the placement opportunities in reputed companies. As Computer knowledge has become primary requirement for everyone, our Institute provides best Quality Computer Education in most reasonable fee structure to all class of people. Our motive is to make all class of people Computer literate and take all possible advantages to make their future much brighter..


Aptech Certified Faculty

The faculty is ex-lecturer Apeejay. The faculty has got 12 years teaching experience. Over 10000 students have already been taught till date.

Stable MCA Faculty

The faculty has MCA qualification i.e Masters in Computer Applications which help us in teaching good quality of education with lot of experience. Also faculty is stable which means your course will be completed by the same faculty who begun the course and well in time, unlike other centres where somebody beguns and somebody other ends and not also in time.

Teaching Experience:

The faculty has got greater than 4 years teaching experience which help us to understand students most difficult topic with ease. Students who were not able to understand from many teachers grasped the topic with ease.

100% Syllabus covered vs. 70% by others:

The syllabus covered by us is 100% whereas other institutes which offer less charge cover only 70% of the syllabus.

Quality Education:

In Aptech Etawah Centre Lab all Dual Core & I3 Configuration 45 Computers in 4 labs, 3 Classrooms with LCD Projector also 10 KVA& 7.5 KVAGenset for Power backup in both Aptech Campus. Latest modules of the course are implemented in the course curriculum so that student gets maximum benefit when he / she goes for the job. Aptech Etawahhas a aim provide quality education to students.For this, the company:

      Offers hundreds of job-oriented Software/Hardware/Accounts  IT courses

      Provides books & CDs that make it easy to learn

      Appoints trained & certified teachers to take classes

      Provides lots of Extra lab time for Course practice in both campus

Centre managed by owners themselves:

Centre is run by owners themselves and Aptech Family Member’s (AFM). In other institute, the person teaching is only linked with the salary he gets without taking much pain in student's problems, but here the centre is managed by AFM who take lot of care personally to solve student problems.

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